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A directory of independent agencies and freelancers offering expertise to EA-aligned organisations.

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Many organizations in the EA world have similar needs but lack the bandwidth or expertise to realize them. By providing a directory of experts covering many common challenges, we aim to save the movement time whilst addressing key skill shortages.

Areas we currently cover: administrative assistance, branding, business operations, communications consulting, data science / visualization, data warehousing, financial management and bookkeeping, financial planning, governance, graphic design, hiring, hr consulting, impact evaluation, impact investing, interior design, investment managment, KPIs, leadership coaching, management coaching, management consulting, marketing, organizational strategy, photography, policy advocacy, process and workflow, process development, product development, product management, productivity, professional development / training, project exploration, project management, research, software engineering, tech support and strategy, technical training, venture capitalist, web design, web development, writing / editing.

The directory

Last updated: May 24, 2023

Acumen Digital cover image

Acumen Digital

Areas: project management, software engineering, tech support and strategy, product development, venture capitalist

Bio: Acumen Digital is a leading right-sourcing product firm based out of Africa. that helps digital product startups build their team fast.

[email protected]

Adam Steinberg cover image

Adam Steinberg

Areas: writing / editing, marketing

Bio: Editing, writing, proofing, and communication consultation. Any asset or channel. Outreach, PR, marketing, educational, and other content development.

[email protected]

Adam Tury Leadership Coaching cover image

Adam Tury Leadership Coaching

Areas: management consulting, professional development / training, leadership coaching, management coaching

Bio: I coach EA managers to help them build leadership and people-management skills, effectively grow their teams and reach peak performance.

[email protected]

All in Awe cover image

All in Awe

Areas: interior design, graphic design, branding, web design, photography

Bio: All in Awe connects creative professionals with charities. We believe good communication and design are essential to effecting change globally.

[email protected]

Altruistic Agency cover image

Altruistic Agency

Areas: web development, tech support and strategy, software engineering

Bio: Tech expertise for effective altruists: web, software, hardware, security, SEO, tech recommendations, audits, troubleshooting, tech hiring etc.

[email protected]

Amber Dawn Ace cover image

Amber Dawn Ace

Areas: writing / editing

Bio: I offer content writing (e.g. blogs, research) where you explain your ideas over a call and I'll write them up, as well as copyediting, proofreading and writing coaching.

[email protected]

Anti Entropy cover image

Anti Entropy

Areas: business operations

Bio: The mission of Anti Entropy is for all organizations in the Effective Altruism community to have strong and functional operations so they can be as efficient and effective as possible in having a meaningful impact.

[email protected]

Artwhich cover image


Areas: professional development / training, organizational strategy

Bio: Artwhich exists to empower (aspiring) leaders to reach their potential and build a better world.

[email protected]

CESW Leadership Solutions cover image

CESW Leadership Solutions

Areas: business operations, management consulting, process and workflow, professional development / training

Bio: CESW provides psychometric coaching for personal growth, professional achievement, or developing your organization's talent.

[email protected]

cFactual cover image


Areas: productivity, KPIs, research, impact evaluation, management consulting, administrative assistance

Bio: cFactual staff have a background in strategy consulting, founding an NGO, doing research and community building among other things. Clients include CEA and GovAI.

[email protected]

Common Interests cover image

Common Interests

Areas: financial planning, investment managment, impact investing

Bio: Financial planners specializing in sustainable, responsible and impact investing. Our firm is a B Corp with no minimums and a sliding hourly fee scale.

[email protected]

Daniel Wernstedt cover image

Daniel Wernstedt

Areas: process and workflow, business operations

Bio: Helping management and operations to increase workflow and time to impact through operations, especially tech heavy organisations who needs help with agile ways of working.

[email protected]

data&mie cover image


Areas: data science / visualization, data warehousing, software engineering, technical training

Bio: I help organizations build up their analytics capabilities and support them in their data efforts by serving as an extension to their teams.

[email protected]

Designing this Life cover image

Designing this Life

Areas: professional development / training

Bio: Professional integral coach and effective altruist. Extensive background as a product designer, manager, IT director and consultant. Trained crisis counselor and peer mentor.

[email protected]

EA Good Governance Project cover image

EA Good Governance Project

Areas: hr consulting, organizational strategy, governance

Bio: We help EA organizations create strong boards by finding qualified and diverse professionals.

[email protected]

Future Matters Project cover image

Future Matters Project

Areas: impact evaluation, management consulting, organizational strategy, professional development / training, project exploration, project management, research, policy advocacy, communications consulting

Bio: Evidence-based policy, political and social movement strategy consulting. We help you find the highest-impact policy goals & strategy to achieve them.

[email protected]

GoalsWon cover image


Areas: productivity, professional development / training

Bio: Daily accountability with an experienced human coach, delivered via a streamlined app. For all aspects of life – work, wellbeing and more.

[email protected]

Good Growth cover image

Good Growth

Areas: management consulting, organizational strategy, professional development / training, research

Bio: We help animal advocacy orgs, funders and alt protein companies conduct research for strategic market entry and gain insights to Asian consumers.

[email protected]

Good Impressions cover image

Good Impressions

Areas: marketing

Bio: We help scale effective nonprofits and foundations using paid ads, SEO, and web analytics. Consider reaching out if you'd like to drive engagement with your content, services, courses, contests, programs, fellowships, or events.

[email protected]

High Impact Professionals cover image

High Impact Professionals

Areas: hiring, professional development / training

Bio: We enable working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in donating their time, skills, and resources effectively.

[email protected]

Impact Ops cover image

Impact Ops

Areas: administrative assistance, business operations, hiring, hr consulting, organizational strategy, process and workflow, productivity, project management

Bio: We offer a suite of operations services to projects looking to do good in the world — including non-profit consultancy, finance, HR, and more.

[email protected]

Lynette Bye Coaching cover image

Lynette Bye Coaching

Areas: productivity

Bio: I coach professionals who are trying to solve the world’s most pressing problems to help you solve the biggest bottlenecks holding you back.

[email protected]

Pantask cover image


Areas: marketing

Bio: We offer lead generation services, mostly for people in the Effective Altruism and Rationalist community.

[email protected]

Pineapple Operations cover image

Pineapple Operations

Areas: hiring

Bio: Public database of people who are seeking operations or Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant work in EA.

[email protected]

Samantha Kagel cover image

Samantha Kagel

Areas: business operations, organizational strategy, project management, productivity

Bio: I help mission-driven organizations and individuals transform their ambition into impact. Knowing how hard change can be, I specialize in empathy-first approaches to deliver data-driven solutions.

[email protected]

SEADS Data Science for Effective Good cover image

SEADS Data Science for Effective Good

Areas: data science / visualization, research, business operations, organizational strategy, data warehousing, software engineering

Bio: SEADS is a Data Science consultancy focused on supporting highly-effective charities. Our services cover a broad range from executing concrete projects to using data for informing strategical decisions or optimizing data pipelines in your organization.

[email protected]

Sharang Phadke cover image

Sharang Phadke

Areas: product management, tech support and strategy, data science / visualization

Bio: Sharang is an experienced technical advisor who has worked with multiple organizations on strategy, product design, and data science projects.

[email protected]

SpEAk cover image


Areas: management consulting, professional development / training

Bio: SpEAk helps orgs communicate their impact, ideas, and goals to audience, clients or funders, without stage fright or loss of confidence or meaning.

[email protected]

Tälist cover image


Areas: branding, hiring, management consulting, professional development / training

Bio: Tälist helps organizations to find, retain & develop talent with services & consultation on hiring-related topics, particularly employer branding.

[email protected]

Tee Barnett Coaching cover image

Tee Barnett Coaching

Areas: hiring, organizational strategy, process and workflow, productivity, professional development / training

Bio: A ‘personal strategist’ helps guide the discovery, navigation and refinement of perceptual constructs that affect your life.

[email protected]

The CANOE Collective cover image

The CANOE Collective

Areas: administrative assistance, business operations, hiring, hr consulting, project management, tech support and strategy, financial management and bookkeeping

Bio: Our team provides part-time COO services, as well as flexible back-office support in areas such as HR, IT, and financial management.

[email protected]

User-Friendly cover image


Areas: marketing, graphic design, branding, web development, organizational strategy

Bio: The EA Marketing Agency. Providing expertise to impact-driven organisations, multiplying efforts towards solving the world's biggest challenges.

[email protected]

Workstream Business Systems cover image

Workstream Business Systems

Areas: business operations, management consulting, organizational strategy, process development, professional development / training

Bio: We help organizations improve their workflow and internal processes. We also provide management consulting, coaching, and training programs.

[email protected]


We’d recommend that you reach out to the organisation or freelancers directly to discuss your requirements, however if you’re unsure who may be best placed to support your needs, or can’t find someone suitable, we’d be happy to try and assist you further.